“A diversified bench is essential to

people receiving impartial treatment, principled judgment, and sound justice.”



Litigants who come before the bench should feel that the United States legal system and its protections apply to everyone. Discrimination on the basis of religion, immigration status, gender, sexual orientation, or any other protected class must not be tolerated.

In light of today’s immigration crisis, local courts should not be a place of fear for members of New York’s community, citizen or not.

The legal system should work for the betterment of everyone.


Minorities make up only 20% of all judges nationally, however, 70% of all defendants at the courtroom are minorities themselves. It is important that the court reflects the diversity of it litigants.

The bench should represent our communities, building a sense of trust and mutual understanding between judges and litigants.


Establishing a night court in Civil Court is vital to protect the jobs and incomes of litigants who cannot afford to miss work and risk losing income or employment. The courthouse should be accessible to all people, including judges, attorneys and litigants.

With over 800 languages and dialects spoken in New York City alone, it is vital that translators are properly equipped to handle whatever languages they might encounter in the courtroom. There must be more interpreters on staff in the Civil Court system to ensure that all litigants be heard and understood.

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