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Wendy Li is highly committed to making our city’s Civil Court a better place for all New Yorkers. A firm believer in the principles of fairness, compassion, and equal treatment for all people under the law, she is passionate about serving our community as our next Civil Court Judge.

Wendy grew up in China to a family of modest means. Her parents sacrificed so that the dream of their children building a better life could be realized. It was because of their hard work and commitment to family that she was able to attend Peking University, where she obtained her first law degree. Wendy immigrated to the United States for law school when she was young adult with the hope of one day utilizing her legal experience and expertise to better the lives of others.​

image of younger Wendy Li

After receiving her second law degree in the United States, Wendy went on to attend Oxford University, where she obtained her Masters of Science in Law and Finance degree, and then Harvard University where she received a graduate certificate in International Relations.

As a New York licensed attorney for the past 18 years, and a law partner for the past seven years, Wendy has worked on a wide array of matters at several prestigious law firms. Throughout her legal career, she has continuously made it her duty to engage in pro-bono work and public service. In addition to being a full-time attorney, Wendy is a member of her community board where she routinely devotes her time to making our city a better place to live for all of us. Most recently, Wendy and her colleagues successfully reversed an unfair sale of a church building in her community.

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It is in this tradition of service that Wendy is now fully committed to giving back to the country, city, and neighborhoods that gave her a chance to fulfill her American dream. She is running for Civil Court Judge as a progressive Democrat who believes that the court system needs to be accessible to everyone, no matter their background. Wendy is devoted to ensuring that every person has equal access to justice regardless of their age, race, religion, sexual orientation, immigration status, or nationality.

When elected, Wendy will treat all people with the respect they deserve, and make sure their rights are fully protected under the law. Every proceeding will give litigants a fair chance to have their voices clearly heard by our legal system.

Wendy has seen first-hand how our courts can make a difference in people’s lives, and she eagerly looks forward to serving the community that has given her so much. The heart and soul of her campaign is built on the belief that a diversified bench is essential to people receiving impartial treatment, principled judgment, and sound justice.

The values of fairness, compassion, and equal treatment for all have guided Wendy’s entire life, and they are the values she will proudly bring to the bench as our next Civil Court Judge.

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